NücleoGenex is a leading-edge wellness lifestyle company.

Bringing to market the most brilliant, personalized, and cellular health supplements in the wellness industry. At NücleoGenex is passionate about providing customers with a holistic, community-focused approach to lifelong vitality.

NücleoGenex set out to change the world through nutrigenomic innovation. Beginning with our revolutionary DNA-based customized supplement, Ütrition®, NücleoGenex now offers a complete line of synergistic, cellular health products for gut health, immune support, skincare, weight management, and more.

• No More Guessing
• Simple Swab Test
• Actionable Outcome
• Nucleotides Uniqueness
• 400 Million Possible Combinations
• Almost 100 Peer Reviewed Ingredients


$ 199.00
  • Made for you, using your own SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) which are then used to analyze and build a nutritional formulation exclusively for you, by your unique genetic code, built into your DNA.